A Singaporean Red Devil currently studying in the University of Warwick.

theatre-of-dreams asked:

All-time favourite United XI (past and present)? : )


uuuugh such a hard question!! 

goalie: Schmeichel 

defenders: GNev, Vida, Stam, Irwin

midfielders: Giggsy, Scholesy, Robson, Ronaldo (or Becks idk man)

forwards: Cantona, Charlton

but BUT I demand Ole on the bench. 

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Following? + reason why or why not: I am now! I would have followed earlier but I hadn’t seen your blog before D:

Comments: I almost went to Warwick, haha! ARE YOU EXCITED FOR NATIONAL DAY

Huge fan of your blog and I love that line-up and the bench HAHA : ) Where are you gonna study? AND YES MAJULAH SINGAPURA!

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